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The “Bacchantes” vases, designed in 1927 by René Lalique caused a real sensation at the time with its depiction of neoclassical nude priestesses. Yet it is not only the subject that is so spectacular, the way the female forms are presented is so creative. The numerous female shapes are shown from a variety of different angles, which gives the observer the impression that they are dancing around the Lalique crystal-glass vases. With his “Bacchantes” vases the famous Art-Deco designer René Lalique expressed his personal homage to femininity.

The classic “Bacchantes” vases by Lalique, a symbol of grace and sensuality, continues to be produced in France today. These beautiful Lalique vases, which are 24 centimetres tall and weighs almost 7 kilogrammes, are true masterpieces of timeless modernity, a classic that will always draw people’s attention.

All vases are manually polished to create play of light bringing transparency in some satin-finished areas. To achieve the different colour shades, Lalique uses different techniques which are kept strictly secret. Slight variations in colour are possible and characteristic of the creation process.

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  • H24 cm, ø 18.9 cm, 6.48 kg
  • Hand-cut crystal glass
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