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Peonies are like the “rose’s little sisters”. The peony is named after Paean, who was turned into a peony by Zeus. The “Pivoine” vase by Daum shows off the full splendour and beauty of these flowers. Just as in nature, the peonies on the “Pivoine” vase from Daum are bunched together. The luscious ruffled blossoms sit enthroned on their long stems while their leaves embrace their feet.
The base of “Pivoine” vase is relatively simple, with only a few individual petals carried over from the vase. However, the detail above increases the further up you go, and every time you look at it, you will discover something new. Thus, it is much more of a sculpture than a vase.

The 17cm-tall Daum vase is very good on table or dinner tables. Each “Pivoine” vase is made by hand at the Daum manufactory in France using its unique crystal glass paste (pâte de verre) and is thus always one of a kind.

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