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The Lalique brand made its name for its exceptional glass sculptures. This collection also includes the “Tourbillons XXL” vase. The crystal glass of the “Tourbillons XXL” vase is handcrafted. To emphasize the Tourbillons pattern, the edges are covered in black enamel applied with a brush and free hand. Like a real free hand painting the enamel is applied in coats of various thickness. This operation is very precise and takes approximately 5 hours.

The French word “tourbillon” means whirl or eddy. It is an appropriate name for this Lalique vase with its many swirls and coils. The “Tourbillons” motif is an abstract design and inspired by the movement of the fern blossom. At 27 cm in height, the vase from Lalique weighs a good 15 kg and makes an equally big impression in terms of looks.

The Lalique brand is synonymous with haute-couture crystal glass and is renowned for its unique glass creations. Each product from Lalique is manufactured, engraved and polished by hand by experienced craftsmen.

Kích thước
  • H26.7 cm, ø 24 cm, 15.9 kg
  • Hand-cut crystal glass, partly black enamelled
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