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The “Tulipe” vases by Daum stretch up towards the sunlight like their freshly flowering counterparts in nature. Reminiscent of the so-called “parrot tulips” with their deeply cut, slightly curled blooms, they have a fascinating appeal. The individual petals of the “Tulipe” vase by Daum fan out to form a flared, jagged rim.

Due to their design the vases are so delicate and sensual that they never look bulky. Thus their petals with their velvety colours seem to radiate from within. The different levels of colour pigmentation of the petals are also evident – a fascinating effect that attracts all eyes. Thus they are also without bouquet, true eye-catchers and can decorate as decorative objects sideboards or windowsills.

The vases by Daum are actually real eye-catchers and are made from so-called “crystal glass paste”. Crystal-glass paste is made of a complex blend of granular crystal and lead. The mixture melts like wax in the hands of the skilled glass artists, who then transform the mass into exceptional shapes which display a wonderful interplay of colours and contours that flow into one another. Little air bubbles captured in the glass are visible proof of this special manufacturing process from Daum.

Kích thước
  • L29 x W25 x H33 cm, 7.8 kg
  • Pâte de cristal (= “crystal glass paste”), handmade in France
    Numbered edition
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