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Kích thước
  • L23.5 x W21 x H40 cm, 6.2 kg
  • Pâte de cristal (= “crystal glass paste”), handmade in France
    Limited edition of 375 pieces
Chất liệu

The “Bornéo” collection is the result of the collaboration between the French brand Daum and the artist Emilio Robba. For this collection, the artist has been inspired by the tropical rainforests of Borneo and thus takes us into a lush world of plants.

The gradations of green tones seem almost like an impressionistic painting. The colour gradient is determined by the manufacturing process. The Daum manufactory creates unique objects from so-called crystal glass paste. Each product is entirely produced by hand and is therefore unique. The velvety surface is another advantage of working with crystal glass paste. Small air bubbles enclosed in the glass are possible and a sign of this special manufacturing process.

The artist Emilio Robba is one of the most famous “Floral Art Designers” in the world. His creations are all inspired by nature. In cooperation with the French manufacturer Daum, he creates unique floral creations of special magic.

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