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The production process of the “Tressage” collection by Daum is a masterpiece of handcraftsmanship. This applies for all the work steps from the preparation of the plaster mould to the first wax model and the final crystal glass object, which then receives its unique polish. Each “Tressage” vase by Daum is manufactured from a single crystal glass paste and is thus one of a kind. Little air bubbles captured in the glass testify to this special manufacturing process.

From the Caribbean to Indonesia, weaving bamboo, banana or coconut leaves is a real art. With the “Tressage” collection Daum has taken up the theme of basketry and transformed it into crystal glass. To recall the exoticism of the islands, whose wickerwork is world-famous, a vanilla blossom adorns the decorative vase.

Kích thước
  • L31 x W31 x H37 cm, 9.9 kg
  • Pâte de cristal (= “crystal glass paste”), handmade in France
    Numbered edition
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