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For this limited edition of fine vases, Lalique has made full use of the expertise of its skilled craftsmen. The large “Anemones” vase is decorated with filigree anemone flowers. The delicate raised crystal flowers look surprisingly real. It is a truly wonderful achievement to create the fine details of the anemone petals in such a realistic way and obtain such an appearance of depth. The interplay of satin-finished and gleaming crystal guarantees that each flower looks very true to life. This natural look is rounded off with enamelled white dots.

With this large “Anemones” vase, Lalique has managed to capture the ephemeral beauty of an anemone flower in crystal glass. The French brand Lalique always manages to imbue the otherwise rather cold appearance of glass with poetry and sensuousness: as it does again here with the “Anemones” vase.

Chất liệu
  • H49 cm, 16 kg
  • Hand-cut crystal glass
    Limited edition of 188 pieces
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